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tiffany sharma

Hi! I'm Tiffany, a digital illustrator, marketer, and musician.

I've always loved to create things in any medium I can get my hands on, whether that's through the world of music, design, or technology.


Read below for more on my experiences with design, marketing, and music!

Art & Technology

I have been creating for as long as I can remember. I am a multi-media, project-based artist, who is interested in many different forms of art. My interests span photography, painting, drawing, fashion, card-making, scrap-booking, video editing, graphic design, website design, and digital illustration. I have a constant need to create and try new mediums.


My recent obsession has been with graphic design. I am well versed in the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Animate, Acrobat, and After Effects), and have experience working on 3D production in Maya. 


I took my first graphic design course two years ago in Copenhagen. I chose to go to Denmark for my semester abroad because of the incredible design culture in the country. Denmark is known for their furniture and product design, and I had the opportunity to visit countless museums and studios across Europe over the semester. We had two main projects in the course, one focusing on poster design and typography, and the other on creating visual identities. I learned a lot about design in Copenhagen and can't wait to learn more in the field.

One of my majors at Wellesley College was Media Arts and Sciences, so I studied in the Art and Computer Science departments. This integration of CS gave me the ability to focus on many new forms of art and self-expression found through technology and social media. MAS courses include coding, art, how to design effective and efficient user interfaces for apps and devices, as well as studying the effects that new technology and media have on society and culture around the globe. I am especially interested in the effects of social media on our culture today, and continue to research and learn more about that.

One of my favorite classes taken at Wellesley was a music course called Introduction to Electronic and Computer Music. It was perfect for me because it combined my interest in music and technology. I was able to explore DAWs and programs like Logic, Ableton Live, and Max7. I composed a piece of music in Logic, consisting solely of sounds created by cutlery. I also coded a program in Max 7 for a poetic keyboard. My keyboard's notes consisted of words from Lord Byron's poem "She walks in beauty" and can be played to scramble the poem's words and create a new word composition.

Another big project I undertook was for an MAS class called Digital Media and Culture. I created a hypertext story using Twine based on Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore's book, The Medium is the Massage. This story is a web of inter-linking pages, that a reader navigates on their own. Hypertext stories are a non-linear form of story-telling, so the reader controls how the story unfolds to them. My story is an exploration of McLuhan's analysis of media, enhanced by my own illustrations.

I'm eager to continue expanding my creative horizons, and see where this desire to design and create takes me!


I have continued to expand my design experience by entering the world of digital marketing. Last summer I worked at Capacity Interactive, a digital marketing consulting firm in New York City. Capacity Interactive works solely with clients in the arts such as museums, ballet companies, opera houses, and orchestras. This job was the perfect combination of my interests in design, marketing, and art! I had the opportunity to make advertising campaigns for many incredible arts organizations like Boston Ballet, Carnegie Hall, and Seattle Opera. I learned the ins and outs of digital marketing, including how to make Facebook and Instagram campaigns, utilize Google Analytics, and make Google paid search campaigns. I also had the opportunity to make marketing content for the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival and created videos and gifs for their Facebook ad campaigns. Working at Capacity Interactive gave me a solid foundation in digital marketing and an understanding of the importance that digital marketing holds in today's era.


I am currently working for Markan Global Enterprises, a small pharmaceutical company, and have rebranded and expanded its digital presence. I redesigned the company's website, created a new visual identity, and now create and monitor email marketing campaigns. I have enjoyed learning more about a field I knew almost nothing about as I have created content for the company.


Nowadays, social media is the predominant means of spreading information globally. It is fast, inexpensive, efficient, and engaging, so people, companies, and movements have no choice but to quickly adapt to ever-evolving online marketing formats. To successfully spread a message online you need captivating and meaningful content as well as well-managed campaigns. I enjoy working on both aspects of the process and hope to use my experience and these tools to help support, people, small companies, and movements online.


I'm a classically trained singer, and focus on opera, art pieces, musical theater, and a cappella. I have loved singing for as long as I can remember and love to expand my repertoire and experience by exploring different genres, but I find that I always come back to opera at the end of the day. I grew up obsessed with musical theater because I love the combination of drama and music, however over the past couple years as I was introduced to more operatic repertoire, I’ve found that I enjoy the challenge of opera so much more. I am not one to settle into whatever is easiest, I love to keep pushing myself to constantly get better, and that challenge is ever present in operatic repertoire. Every new piece and role I work on is an opportunity for my voice and capabilities as a singer and actor to grow.


More than just the technical challenges, I greatly enjoy the challenge of successfully portraying a character which can touch an audience. There is so much power and beauty in the dynamic between music, drama, and an audience. The more time I spend on stage, the more I realize that this is something I never want to stop doing. This dream of performing is only achievable by my hard work and persistence, so I always take advantage of every learning and performing opportunity that comes my way. I love to work with as many teachers, coaches, and other musicians as possible, since there is so much valuable wisdom to be gained. I've been taking private lessons for the past 10 years, and have been blessed with being able to work with some incredible teachers in New Jersey, New York, Boston, and Copenhagen. 

One of my majors at Wellesley was Music, with a focus on vocal performance. The course load consists of voice lessons, music theory, music history, and performance among other things. I had the wonderful opportunity of taking part in Wellesley's Opera Workshop, where we worked on how to learn and perform operatic roles. It was a wonderful experience consisting of two performances: aria and scenes concerts. The class culminated with a residency by Bare Opera, a female-run, alternative opera company from NYC. I performed in a masterclass with them as well as work with them in class on our opera scenes. ​

I have also been able to participate in many choirs through high school, two of which were so incredible that I will never forget the experiences. After my sophomore year in high school, I auditioned for Sound of America, a choir and orchestra consisting of the best student musicians in the US. We went on a month-long tour of Europe and performed in seven countries. Some of the highlights were performing in Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice and the Notre Dame in Paris. The next year I auditioned for the Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall. I was accepted into the choir, and we had the incredible honor of performing in the one and only Carnegie Hall! It was a wonderful experience!

When I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, I also studied vocal performance at the Royal Danish Academy of Music as well as studying graphic design at DIS. Studying with the incredible faculty at the conservatory was a life-changing experience and I greatly enjoyed seeing what life is like in an European music conservatory! I studied under Jens Krogsgaard Jensen, and greatly enjoyed performing a few arias and art songs at our final concert.

Two summers ago I participated in a Boston Conservatory Opera Intensive program located in Valencia, Spain. The audition-based program gave me the opportunity to work with esteemed faculty from the Boston Conservatory and improve my musicality, performance, and vocal technique. I had the opportunity to perform in Valencia three times in the three week program, an Aria Greatest Hits Concert, a Spanish song concert, and an Opera scenes concert. It was also incredible living in the gorgeous city of Valencia and experiencing Spanish culture! The whole experience was incredible and I learned so much about the world of opera while there. 

Three summers ago I enrolled for a summer semester at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I spent the entire summer there studying only music, it was heaven! My classes consisted of Arranging, Harmony, Ear Training, Music Technology, voice lessons, and two ensembles, Rhythm Grooves and Musical Theater. I was able to expand my musical knowledge in all directions and meet many incredible musicians from all over the world. I also was able to perform as Christine in The Phantom of the Opera in the final performance for my Musical Theater ensemble. I learned a lot about other genres of music that I had never studied before, like jazz, while still pursuing my interest in classical music and musical theater.

All four years at Wellesley I have been in an a cappella group, the MIT-Wellesley Toons. Toons is a cross-campus group consisting of members from Wellesley and MIT that performs on both campuses and around Boston. Since I was in a cappella all four years of high school, I knew I needed to continue a cappella in college. I auditioned my first semester at Wellesley and have loved every minute of being in the Toons! I have held many different positions while in the group, including musical director, assistant musical director, president, social media manager, publicity chair, and choreographer. Participating in collegiate a cappella is a wonderful way to meet incredible musicians and perform music that I normally wouldn't work on considering my classical focus.

I am dedicated to my musical studies and am certain I will continue learning and performing no matter where life takes me. Music is a very beautiful and special part of my life and I'm so grateful that I get to continue following my passion.

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