visual identity

Located in an old church in Copenhagen, Absalon is your home away from home. Founded in 2015, Absalon is a community center that tries to facilitate interactions between strangers in as many ways as possible. This creates an open, welcoming space for people of all ages and backgrounds where you can come do work, have a cup of coffee, play ping-pong, take a dance class, or have dinner.

Colors are interchangeable and can be substituted for different images,textures, and patterns.

My design aims to incorporate the open, welcoming space for people of all ages, highlight the gorgeous architecture, and keep Absalon's colorful and fun aesthetics. 

The freedom in colors and textures highlights the homemade, free atmosphere of Absalon.

Employees can choose what color shirts and business cards they would prefer.

The business cards feature bold colors and a unique shape to stand out in a pile.

Double-sided menu cards for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I also designed simple, colorful blankets to be strewn across the chairs and couches, adding a more home-like feel.

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