discover copenhagen

social media managing


Discover Copenhagen is a social media campaign aimed to be an accessible and organized archive of information and reviews about Copenhagen by DIS students for other DIS students.

The online community was originally based on two platforms: a website and a Facebook group.



I designed the website on Wix, and it was meant to be an archival space for reviews, ratings, and photos for locations by students.

However as the project moved forward, my team and I decided to consolidate our community on just Facebook, since that platforms was growing at a faster rate.

Our Facebook group currently has 172 members who ask questions, look for recommendations, share events, and post stories, photos, and comments about their experiences in the city. The activity on the page has been relatively steady this whole semester, however the general content of the page has evolved over time.


The other administrators and I spurred engagement by posting and interacting with the group as much as possible, creating a video campaign, and hosting photo contest.

The group was helpful to many members of the DIS community and was an wonderful learning experience on online community building for me!