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poster design

I studied graphic design during my semester abroad in Copenhagen, and our first project consisted of designing three posters with a focus on typography.


Poster 1

Prompt: Design a poster highlighting the phrase "make mistakes everyday."


-letters cut out of magazines

-enhance meaning of words

-black and white design

-no images or illustrations

I decided to design the poster around the meaning of the word "mistakes."

My first sketches explore different ways of showing mistakes in the letter placement.

I wanted to keep the poster simple so that font and letter placement remain in the forefront.

The letter K became the focus for my mistake,

and I began to play around with different ways

of highlighting it.


The poster features a clean, simplistic design to contrast the bold, scattered letters of the word "mistake," highlighting the meaning of the phrase.

Poster 2

Prompt: Design a poster featuring a phrase about you.



-type hierarchy

-one element that dominates the composition

-Brown typeface

-asymmetrical composition

I decided to use the sentence "I am happiest when surrounded by music" for this poster about me. The secondary text was a list of some of my favorite songs that are important to me and have shaped me through listening to them while growing up or performing them.

The next step was to work out the text hierarchy and composition of the poster, and I played around with many layouts before making the songs into waves, like sound waves, surrounding the main text.

My poster had to contain only the Brown typeface, so I did research on it's creation and usage.

Project 1 Digital Presentation9.png

I began experimenting with weaving the sound waves through letters. The main critique on this poster was that it was too symmetrical.

I added more negative space to the poster by simplifying the sound waves, and played around with connections between the letters.

GD-Project1-Poster2FINAL-12 (1).png

The final poster features more elegant sound waves and text hierarchy that capture the message in a concise and effective way without overwhelming

the eye.

Poster 3

Prompt: Using the same content in Poster 2, create a new poster featuring an image this time.





-type hierarchy

-one element that dominates the composition

-Garamond typeface

-asymmetrical composition

How to show the main theme through an image? I settled on the idea of a pair of headphones. Originally I wanted the image to feature a girl wearing headphones.

Project 1 Digital Presentation14.png

Before moving forward, I did research on the Garamond typeface.

I was unhappy with the text placement, and couldn't find a clear hierarchy.


I finally found a hierarchy that worked: letting the image take precedence over the text. By adding another color and simplifying the cord, I made it easier for the eye.