visual identity, website design

Maadhavi Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the Indian actress Maadhavi. The foundation's main aim is to use the benefits and connectivity of social media to expand Maadhavi's charity to a global scale. MCF specifically focuses on helping children with health issues, educating youth, and providing food and shelter for the elderly.

MCF Logo

I began by creating a logo featuring peaceful blue tones and an illustration of two hands held together. I wanted a vibrant and reassuring feeling to the identity.

I re-designed Maadhavi's entire website while also adding the MCF pages. homepage image

I had a vision to make the website more story-like, with the main sections, each one being a "chapter" in her life and career. The incorporation of slideshows and texts creates a storybook-like experience.

The rest of the site follows a simple grey, white, and turquoise theme. I kept the accents simple, with just touches of white or turquoise mandalas.

Maadhavi Charitable Foundation Banner

I designed banners and profile photos for the organization's social media profiles.

Since the foundation relies heavily on social media as its platform for connecting with those who need aid, it was imperative that we create a solid social media presence. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 8.23.15 PM.png

I created a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube for MCF and ran all the accounts. I also created Maadhavi's personal Instagram account and help run that as well.

The more people we are able to reach online,

the more people we are able to help.

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