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re-branding, digital marketing

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M​arkan Global Enterprises, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey.

Markan Global wanted to update their online presence and begin a digital marketing strategy to reach customers more effectively. I began regular email marketing campaigns to highlight products, events, and company updates.

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I worked with developers to create a brand new, updated website for the company. Since Markan Global deals in sales within the pharmaceutical world, I placed an emphasis on product organization and information on the new site. ​The goal is for all of MGE's products to be easily accessible and thoroughly described for viewers.

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Markan Global wanted to make a clear, organized, and straightforward product list, so I had to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

MGE Business Cards
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I also created new business cards and stickers for the company. I incorporated bold blocks of color with touches of metallic gold to create a professional and eye-catching look.

M​arkan Global Enterprises, Inc. had no social media presence before, so I created a LinkedIn company profile and a Facebook page for the business.

These new social media accounts are useful tools and good ways for a company to expand in the future. I run these social media accounts and monitor the company's online presence.

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