digital marketing

The MIT-Wellesley Toons are an a capella group that I have been a proud member of since freshman year of college.

Toons logo

I was the Toons' social media and publicity chair for a year. I ran the group's social media accounts, created posters and advertising for events, and produced videos.

I ran the Toons' Facebook page and Instagram account. I make sure to create and post a lot of content such as videos, birthday posts, and member shout outs, especially when concerts are coming up. My goal was to keep our following engaged across platforms. 

Toons Instagram Pictures

As publicity chair, my job was to create advertisements necessary to publicize events and concerts for the group.

Toons Brochure

I​ have helped shoot and direct concert photoshoots as well as design banners, posters, and brochures.

T​he Toons have been around for almost three decades now, so there is a lot of old music which was recorded on CDs. We decided to publish five of these CDs on the Youtube account, so I designed backgrounds and produced a video for each song.

Toons album artwork

It was a fun being able to revisit the history of the group while also creating updated, fresher backgrounds and images for each album.