10 Highlights from the Last 2 Weeks

The last two weeks here in Copenhagen have been a whirlwind of classes, adventure, good food, and lots of good times. Because of everything happening I slacked a bit on my blogging, so here's a rundown of my ten favorite experiences here so far (in no particular order)!

1. GoBoats

GoBoat is a company that lets you rent their solar-powered boats for an hour or two to explore Copenhagen's canals with friends. A bunch of us got together and rented two boats for two hours which we got to drive around ourselves! We brought snacks on board with us and were blessed with gorgeous weather the whole time! It was an incredible way to see the city and a perfect outing with friends.

2. CHART Art Fair

CHART is an exhibition and fair celebrating contemporary Nordic art and design in Copenhagen. We found out about this super last minute but didn't want to miss out on a cool art exhibition, so we went one night to check it out. When we got there, we realized the exhibition was closing in 15 minutes, so it wasn't really smart to buy tickets for 15 minutes in an exhibition. There were other events happening outside in the courtyard though, including concerts and awesome architectural installations. Everyone around us seemed to be really artsy, cool, and well-dressed Danes hanging around talking about art. It was a definitley cool experience. We came back the next morning to see the actual exhibition, and I'm so incredibly happy we did that! The exhibition was filled with incredible artwork of all forms, and it was nice to learn more about Nordic art and design.

3. Tiny House

We visited Jane Ostermann-Petersen, an artist who is redefining living spaces by creating sustainable, transitional, and economical shelters for a single occupant. These tiny houses can be assembled by as little as two people and redefine our relationships with space. She talked to us about her buildings and the ideology behind them, and then let us peek into the three first houses she built in Refshaleøen.


ORIGAMI was a duet between a machine and dancer, featuring a shipping container and Satchie Noro, a dancer, choreographer, and aerial circus artist. Over the 30 minute performance, the container began to open and unfold, creating new shapes while Noro danced inside, around, and above it. It was a captivating performance on Ophelia Plads, a public pier. The public nature of the location added a wonderful element to the performance as people were walking, swimming, and biking around enjoying the good weather.

5. Copenhagen Contemporary

The Copenhagen Contemporary art center is a two year old organization located in a repurposed industrial warehouse. The scale of the space gives them the opportunity to house large installations and performances. Right now there are three installations in place. The first two are by Superflex, a Danish artist group that creates installations that invite people to engage and communicate. The first piece is a large group of three-person swings, and visitors are encouraged to try and swing together with other people to experience the teamwork and communication needed to sucessfully swing. The installation was a lot of fun and we all spent a long time swinging there! The second room had a colorful striped carpet on the ground, and a single, large silver ball swinging back and forth from the ceiling. We layed on the carpet under the ball and watched it swing above us for a while. It was really meditative in a way and a nice way to catch our breath after all that swinging! The last room was a 35 minute video installation by Doug Aitken around the song "I Only Have Eyes for You." He had multiple musicians record covers of this song and then created a video for a large, circular screen. Viewers can watch from inside the circle or by walking around it outside. It was really entrancing to sit in the circle and be almost absorbed into the music and video. After exploring the exhibitions, we got a behind-the-scenes tour of the art center and it really was staggering to see just how large the space is and how well they are using it.

6. Reffen

Reffen is a food truck extravaganza in Refshaleøen with countless options of cuisines! I was in foodie heaven there! I had to make three rounds of the place before I could decide what I wanted to eat for dinner. I ended up getting Indian food (I couldn't resist it) and an awesome mini cheesecake for dessert! I will definitley be back there for more food soon, so keep an eye out on my food insta!

7. Botanical Gardens

There has been so much beautiful weather here so far, so I've been trying to make the most of it! My roommate Laura and I were free one Wednesday afternoon, so we decided to check out the Botanical Gardens and Greenhouse here in Copenhagen. It's in the center of the city, but the moment you walk through the gates for the gardens, it's like you've been transported to a whole new world. It's so peaceful, quiet, and serene. We made our way to the Butterfly House first. The house consisted of a few different greenhouses with beautiful plants (so many adorable succulents!!!) and countless colorful butterflies! There were a few large blue ones who were super elusive but when they took flight or fluttered, they would flash a bit of the gorgeous color. We spent so long trying to take good photos or videos of them, but I was only able to get one picture of a blue one while it was eating a fruit.

After the butterflies, we went into the larger greenhouses and saw so many beautiful plants! My favorite room was in the largest dome (featured in the first picture above). It was incredibly hot and humid in there, but there were so many large trees. There also were two white spiral staircases which you could climb up to walk around the dome! It was so cool being up there and looking at the tops of the trees, but it was also so much hotter up there! We were basically soaked in sweat after spending 20 minutes in that room, but it was so worth it.

We didn't have enough time to explore all of the botanical gardens, but on our way out we walked through a beautiful, winding path surrounded by so many flowers and plants (and more succulents!). I definitley want to go back and explore more of the gardens before the weather gets too cold!

8. Tivoli

This honestly might be my favorite place here in Copenhagen. I didn't really know what to expect from Tivoli because it's such a big tourist spot but also a favorite for Danes, and just happens to be the second oldest amusement park in the world. However, I never could have imagined just how awesome it is! Tivoli is just gorgeous. There are flowers, colors, rides, lights, restaurants, stores, concerts... the list goes on! I went with some friends from the LLC, and we were literally running around like 4 year olds. We got the unlimited rides pass, so our mission for the day was to go on as many rides as possible! All the rides were super fun (except for this one ride where we got stuck upside down for like 30 seconds and I thought we were gonna be stuck up there for forever but it all ended up being ok (however I'm never going on that ride again)). The park is even more gorgeous at night when all the lights come on and people are eating, seeing concerts, and enjoying the rides. I can't wait to go back again, apparently they redecorate all spooky for Halloween, so I'll probably go back then!

9. Torvehallerne

Torvehallerne is a large food market in the city where you can get almost everything imaginable! There are stands filled with amazing cheeses, coffees, pastries, meats, juices, and ice creams. It is foodie heaven #2! We wandered around the stands for a bit, and then got dinner from an incredible taco stand started by Rosario Sanchez a former pastry chef from noma. Homemade tortillas, delicious sauces, and a warm, sunny evening in Copenhagen adds up to the perfect dinner!

10. The Cisterns

The Cisterns are a repurposed underground water reservior that has now been drained and is used for art exhibitions. Artists create location-specific works that capture the history and beauty of the cisterns. The current exhibition, "In Is The Only Way Out" by Jeppe Hein, uses the cisterns' dark, labrynth-like feeling to depict an inner journey. There are three separate rooms, each with a different part of the journey. The first is very dark and empty except for a gong and a wide corridor leading to a large mirrored plate on the wall. As one walks towards the plate, a large stream of fire blows out towards you (don't worry they don't let you get too close, so it's safe!). The second room is brighter and features many hanging mirrored discs, slowly rotating and reflecting. It gives viewers the opportunity to begin looking at themselves and the surroundings in a different way. The last room (my favorite one!) has a handful of Tibetan singing bowls placed around the room. Everytime a person walks into the room, they activate a ball hanging from a track, that goes around the room and gently rings each of the bowls creating unique harmonies. Visitors to the room make music by just being there in that space together, and it's a very peaceful and beautiful experience. I really enjoyed the art and the space itself because of how unique an experience it is.