Graphic Design is my *Passion*

Now that we're halfway (!!!!) through the semester, I thought it would be a good time to talk a bit about my core course. I'm taking Graphic Design Foundations, a studio course aimed for students interested in graphic design but with no formal training. Our main project for the first half of the semester consisted of three posters with a focus on typefaces. For midterms we had to give a presentation on our designs and showcase our posters for the design studio exhibition, so I've adapted that presentation for a blog post. Check out my posters and process below!

Let's talk type - let type talk.

Poster 1 - Make Mistakes Everyday

Poster 2 - Me in Brown

Poster 3 - Me Typed in Garamond

So yes, these are my posters! It's been a fun process so far, and our next project is even more exciting! We're going to be redesigning the visual identity of Absalon, a really cool community center in a re-purposed church. It seems like a daunting task right now, but I'm excited to see where the process leads me.