Travel Log

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

I have a 14 hour flight itinerary that takes me from Newark, New Jersey, to Dublin, Ireland, and finally to Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm going to log in from each location with my thoughts and experiences while on my (hopefully straightforward) journey to Copenhagen.

4:00pm - 6:10pm  8/17/2018

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

My whole family came to drop me off at the airport! After long, tight hugs with everyone (and an extra one snuck in from my littlest sister, Evelyn) I was off on my own. I rounded the corner, excited for the journey, only to be faced with a seemingly never ending line for security. Airports are just great.

My flight was delayed about 40 minutes, but I’m now on the plane in my aisle seat eating dinner. Since I’m vegetarian I always have to request a special meal on flights, so I usually opt for the Hindu veg meal because you can’t go wrong with Indian food. An added perk is that you always get your food first if you have a special meal.

I’ve been spending the flight reading Wuthering Heights, recommended to me by my sister, and I love it so far! Don’t really have much else to report on right now.

5:00am-10:15am  08/18/2018

Dublin Airport (DUB)

Well, I really couldn't sleep at all on the last flight, no matter how hard I tried. After landing, I had to pick up my second boarding pass for my SAS flight to Copenhagen, which I believed would be a simple process at the transfer desk on the way to my connecting flight. However, it turns out I had to exit the airport entirely, switch terminals and then check in. However, after getting to the right terminal, I realize I can't even check in now and re-enter the airport, because my flight isn't until 10:15, and they only open check in 2.5 hours before the flight. There isn't even an SAS desk to go to! Luckily for me there is a dining area above check-ins where I found a comfortable couch to sit on and wait for the next two hours until check-in. Thank goodness they have free, fast wi-fi here! I'm really tired and annoyed with this situation, but oh well.

Phew! After killing time by watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (basically the best TV show ever), I finally made it into the airport, got some breakfast at Starbucks, and am now sitting by the gate. It's starting to feel more real now... I'm going to be in Copenhagen in a few hours! I'm still not really nervous at all though, but I think that's because I'm just so exhausted.

Just met three other DIS students at the gate on the same flight! So exciting!

1:25pm - 3:00PM  08/18/2018

Copenhagen Airport (EWR)

It was our pilot's last flight in a 33 year long career with SAS (Scandinavian Air), so everyone clapped for him at the end and when he landed they had large firetrucks by the runway, spraying the plane in water in celebration. He had tears in his eyes as he shook all our hands and his family and friends were waiting outside the plane with flags and posters to celebrate. It was such a wonderfully sweet and unexpected end to the journey!

After landing I had to wait in a super long line to get through passport control, but once out of there, getting my bags was a piece of cake! Then there were many DIS representatives to guide us through the airport to a neighboring hotel where they signed us in and organized us according to housing. I got really lucky in that I came in just the nick of time to catch the bus going to my housing, otherwise I would have had to wait another 1.5 hours there. like one of my roommates unfortunately did. 

It was awesome to finally meet other DIS students and talk to people, although I was so exhaused, but it was fun. They dropped us off near our housing and I met my SRA, Michael, and he took us to our dorm. I had to lug my two heavy suitcases for a 5 minute walk on uneven cobblestone sidewalks to our dorm, which I really don't know how I accomplished on absolutely no sleep. But we finally made it! It's also Pride here in Copenhagen right now, and today is the biggest day of the celebration because it's the parade today! My dorm is literally in the heart of the celebration, so the streets around us are all closed and there are so many people out celebrating! It is an awesome welcome to the city. 

Well, this is it for my travel log! I've made it safely and in one piece to Copenhagen (although extremely exhausted). In my next few posts I'll talk about housing, people, and DIS!