Weekend Trip to Not Berlin

Last month while having sushi with my friend Katie, we impulsively bought tickets to fly to Berlin for a weekend. We literally bought them at the dinner table and began planning our trip! Over the next month, two more of Katie's friends ended up joining our plans and last Friday night we met at the airport to fly out. I hadn't had much time to think of the trip since booking because of just how quickly time is flying here, so by the time I had to pack and head to the airport it still hadn't fully sunk in that I would be in another country for the weekend.

We met up at the airport, checked in, and got through security. Once inside, the flight's gate hadn't been posted yet so we sat down and planned to check again in a bit. It was nice to meet the other two girls, Micaela and Haley, who were travelling with us! We went back to check if the gate had been posted, but were instead greeted with a big, fat, red "Cancelled" sign. Our flight had been grounded in Berlin because of technical issues, and the airline had no other flights that night or the next day! We spent about two hours in the airport trying to figure out if there were other good transportation options, however the buses and trains were all around 10 hours overnight and four times the price of our airplane ticket! We ultimately decided to just go with the full reimbursement the airline was offering us, and cancel the trip in total. It was super sad to scrap the whole weekend plan like that so last minute, but it was the best option at that point. We ended up being able to get a full refund for our booked housing as well, so in the end we didn't end up losing any money!

On the way back into central Copenhagen, the four of us decided to have an awesome weekend in the city. Berlin would have been great, but Copenhagen is just as incredible a city and we didn't want to waste a single day here. So here's what a weekend trip to not Berlin looks like!

Saturday, September 29th

We slept in a bit that morning and then met up for brunch at Paludan Bog & Cafe. The four of us each got a giant brunch platter for ourselves and feasted.

Vegetarian brunch from Paludan Bog & Cafe!

We somehow managed to walk out of the restaurant after inhaling all of the food, and slowly made our way over to the Black Diamond library to do some homework. We all actually had a lot of work to do that weekend, so I think it really was best the Berlin trip didn't work out, because I honestly don't know how or when I would have gotten everything done.

The Black Diamond Library

I got a chai latte at the cafe in the library and we sat by a window overlooking the canal to do work for a few hours. It was a nice little study date! Oh, by the way, we also saw a couple get married in the gorgeous courtyard within the old part of the library! That was a surprisingly beautiful thing to witness while in a library to just do some homework. We then parted ways for a little over an hour to head back to our rooms and drop stuff off before the best part of the day: dinner, movie, and cookie baking!!

Micaela lives in the culinary LLC, so we went over to her place to make dinner and bake. Our dinner consisted of pasta and pizza from Netto (the super cheap grocery store here), and it literally ended up looking like an Italian Christmas dinner! The whole dinner only came up to around $2 per person though, which is just INSANE but that's just the wonder of Netto.

While trying to decide what movie to watch, it somehow came up that I had never seen the Lizzie McGuire movie before, so an executive decision was made (by literally everyone) that I MUST watch it right away. So yeah we had an Italian Christmas dinner and watched the Lizzie McGuire movie. It truly was a wonderful night. To top it all off, we baked so so many cookies. Like SO MANY. Saturday was the perfect chill day in Copenhagen with new friends!

Sunday, September 30th

Sunday was our big day trip day! We decided to go to Fredericksborg Castle, a gorgeous large castle north of Copenhagen that now houses Denmark's National Royal Museum. It's only an hour train ride out in the town of Hillerød. I had seen a few photos of the castle and the surrounding gardens, but never expected just how beautiful it was! The castle is incredibly large and ornate, and the castle gardens are just breathtaking.

We only planned on spending 2-3 hours there, but ended up spending 5 hours wandering around. Inside the castle, they had an extensive collection of Danish art and history within a royal context. We all did a guided audio tour which took us through the castle and explained the history behind a lot of the art and history. It really was an incredible day trip, that I probably wouldn't have ended up doing without the Berlin trip being cancelled.

The whole weekend was actually really wonderful even though our plans fell through last minute! It definitely shows that unexpected changes can lead to some great things. It is unfortunate that Berlin didn't work out, but there'll hopefully be another time when it will work out. Just wasn't meant to be this weekend!