hypertext story

This project is an interactive exploration of Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore’s book, The Medium is the Massage.


My project goal was to make an interactive exploration of McLuhan’s words, augmented through the Twine format and my own graphic designs.


The book challenges the barriers of normal reading within the limitations of paper and ink, so I was interested in furthering this breaking of barriers in Twine (an open source tool for creating interactive, non-linear stories).

What is a hypertext story?

A hypertext story is a non-linear story composed of multiple web pages linked together by words in the story's text. Often, readers have a choice as to which link to click, thereby changing the course of the narrative. This interaction between reader and story can be likened to playing a video game, where the user has control over which direction they go and what they see.

My first step in creating this project was to choose what passages to include from the book. I gathered a handful of quotes from each main idea and then structured them into a map of the story.

I created 77 images to accompany McLuhan's quotes and enhance or explain his ideas. You can view all of the images on this Tumblr page.

Medium Icons website-01.png

The Medium is the Massage was published onto Philome.la, a free Twine story hosting site. It is open to the public for anyone to explore and consider McLuhan's theories on media, which I find even more pressing in our digital age. Enjoy! 

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